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Annual Registration - Annual Registration is required if members wish to box competitively or undertake contact sparring. The charge covers the cost of England Boxing registration which includes insurance cover, administration fee for registration online and Southern Counties registration.


Boxer's Annual Registration via The Vault (Juniors and Seniors) - £16


Coaches and Official's Annual Regisration via The Vault - £22


(From 1st April 2019)

Poseidon Amateur Boxing Club is a not-for-profit Community Amateur Sports Club and as such any financial contributions made by its members will be re-invested back into the Club.  Our pricing policy aims to ensure that we offer the maximum training opportunities for the most reasonable price, whilst ensuring our overheads are covered.


From 1st April 2019 the method of payment for subscriptions will switch from cash and card payments on site, to a monthly recurring card payment or direct debit scheme.  As our club grows, so too do our outgoings and in order to ensure sustainability and to ensure a continued professional service to our members, we must review our organisation including membership subscriptions.  We wish to reward our most committed members, therefore the longer members agree to sign up for, the cheaper the monthly cost.  There are four different types of membership on offer;


Junior Silver membership - under 16 year olds attending sessions only once per week


Junior Gold membership - under 16 year olds attending unlimited, eligible sessions


Adult Silver membership - 16 yr olds and over attending sessions only once per week


Adult Gold membership - 16 yr olds and over attending unlimited, eligible sessions