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Dave Bebbington's Biography

David is coming to the end of a successful Royal Navy career, after 30 years service.  After joining in 1982 he worked his way up through the ranks becoming a Naval Officer in 2005.  This is when his career took a significant change in direction.   A man who struggled at school academically went on a coaching course and began to understand that within everyone is the potential to achieve.  Over the next couple of years he began to explore coaching and personal development and during this time he  was identified as an Officer with qualities which would benefit the Royal Naval Leadership Academy; an organisation which developed Officers and Ratings across the whole of the Royal Navy.  Continuing his coaching development he became a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), coaching through highly effective communication.   He became recognised as the Navy’s lead expert in Coaching and Leadership development and he spent the next 4 years transforming the Royal Navy's approach to personal development leaving the position in 2012.  Continuing his own personal development he began to work with the Ladies Royal Navy Rugby League squad as the Elite performance coach and after a successful season he was asked to become the head of Elite Performance coaching for the whole of the RN Rugby League. Dave agreed to join Team Poseidon in April 2014 to assist members (competitive and recreational) and coaches to develop themselves socially and psychologically to achieve their full potential.  


Dave is married with 2 daughters which keep him young at heart he takes any spare time available to keep himself fit.