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Poseidon News

Poseidon closed until further notice

By poseidonabc, Mar 17 2020 08:31AM

Following the recent announcement by the Prime Minister to avoid contact with others and implement social distancing, the committee have reluctantly decided to close the club from Tuesday 17th March until further notice.

We do not take this decision lightly and whilst we acknowledge that this may be disappointing to many, we feel it is in the best interests of our members, coaches and the community in general.

From Tuesday 17th March we will pause all memberships for the duration of our closure; this will mean that monthly subscriptions will no longer be taken until the club re-opens. Once the club does re-open the next payment date will be extended by the number of days the membership is paused for in that month. For instance, if you made your payment one week ago, it will be three weeks from the date that the club re-opens before a your next subscription will be taken.

Should you wish to contact us to discuss the closure, please do so by email at poseidonabc@me.com.

These are unprecedented times and we have tried to take a proactive approach to an ever-changing climate. We thank you in advance for your support and we wish you all the best of health in the coming weeks.

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