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Boxing Awards

What are the GB Boxing Awards?


These awards provide an introduction to the sport of amateur boxing as a game of skill, discipline, respect and self control. It teaches the importance of a healthy lifestyle and has been designed as a fun recreational programme for participants at all ages and levels of ability.  There are six awards which offer progressive development and learning of the sport.


The Awards are broken down into 6 levels:-


Preliminary Award

Standard Award

Bronze Award

Silver Award

Gold Award

Platinum Award


The first 3 Awards (Preliminary, Standard and Bronze) are all non-contact and can be used in Boxing Clubs for new members. The remaining 3 Awards (Silver, Gold and Platinum) Awards involve technique development in modified conditioned sparring. The Platinum Award takes the boxer into the ring at a boxing show, where the boxer will get the opportunity to experience what it is like to enter a boxing ring and more importantly the boxer will have the opportunity to demonstrate the skills, fitness and ability in a boxing arena which they have learnt whilst completing all 6 of the GB National Boxing Awards.


The GB National Boxing Awards offers the opportunity to pass on all of the benefits that amateur boxing training can offer, without the requirement for contact training if preferred and they provide a healthy channel for youthful energy and natural aggression.


The cost of the awards are £15 for the non-contact awards (Preliminary, Standard & Bronze incl) and £15 for the semi-contact/contact awards (Silver, Gold & Platinum incl).  This price includes full delivery of the syllabus, certificate and medal on successful completion of the course.


For more information about the Boxing Awards drop us a line on the Contact Us page.

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